Donde la innovación se une al estilo, dando prioridad a la seguridad, la comodidad y el estilo urbano: el epítome de una experiencia de conducción completa.

Una experiencia de conducción urbana con estilo

The MG ONE stands out as the perfect choice for today’s urban resident. With its unique innovations and a personality all its own, it rides on the SAIC Motor Intelligent Global Architecture (SIGMA) platform. This vehicle caters to those who prioritize safety, convenience, and stylish driving in urban settings. Boasting a dynamic and robust exterior design, a spacious and technologically advanced interior, along with a state-of-the-art safety system, the MG ONE is the epitome of a well-rounded urban driving experience.

MG One
The MG ONE boasts a sleek and distinctive exterior, showcasing a daring grille, sharp LED headlights, and eye-catching 3 Bar LED DRLs. Enhancing its sporty appeal, the vehicle includes a panoramic sunroof and is equipped with sporty alloy wheels, available in both 18 and 19 inches. Designed for aerodynamic efficiency and improved fuel economy, the MG ONE’s exterior reflects a youthful and dynamic aesthetic. Featuring a two-tone color roof with silver roof rails, the car exudes a bold and muscular presence. Pronounced rear haunches, plastic cladding over the wheel arches, and along the sides contribute to a distinctive rear kick, elevating its overall sporty character.
  • Potencia Hp *
    168 CV
  • Tipo de transmisión
    CVT automática
  • Par máximo
  • Conectividad *
    Pantalla táctil de 12,3″ + CarPlay ® y Android Auto ®.
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MG4 One Exterior

The MG ONE distinguishes itself with its dynamic design featuring the ALPHA front grille. The framework extends from the center to the sides, forming small triangles, elevating its sporty appearance and enhancing the avant-garde aesthetics that define MG.


Inside, the MG ONE boasts a spacious and modern cabin, with premium materials and advanced technology to give an immersive experience. The dashboard features a large 12.3 Inch horizontal infotainment touchscreen display in addition to a 7 Inch digital cluster for a real-time drive information, The MG ONE dual tone sports seats amplifies the interior accents of the car and are carefully designed with premium materials for a comfortable journey, with plenty of legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers along with a large trunk capacity of upto 1120L. The flexible use of space in MG ONE offers easy access to different storage needs. The 7-inch digital driving cluster provides real-time information to the driver with a clear and readable display. The audio and vehicle information are optimally placed for easy operation, and the screen automatically adjusts to surrounding light conditions. The Ambient lighting delivers an emotional atmosphere and ties together exterior and interior lighting conditions for the driver for decreased levels of driving fatigue.
Asientos eléctricos
Interior en dos colores
Techo solar panorámico
Guantera con iluminación
Rejillas de ventilación traseras
Asientos traseros abatibles 60:40


The MG ONE runs on a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine paired with a CVT transmission, delivering an impressive 181 horsepower or 285 NM of torque for a smooth 0 – 100 kmph acceleration in approximately 8.8 seconds. Featuring a Multiple Link Rear Suspension, the MG ONE provides a stable and flexible driving experience, with light handling at low speeds and stability at higher speeds. Tailored for an active urban lifestyle, it is the inaugural model built on the SAIC Motor Intelligent Global Architecture (SIGMA), offering a flexible combination of over 100 module types.


The MG ONE is packed with cutting-edge features, including a spacious 30-inch wrap-around triple screen, voice-controlled infotainment system, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless mobile charging, remote engine start, and a premium music system. It also boasts a 360° HD park view assist video system, along with adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. For an extra dose of excitement, drivers can engage the super sports mode with a simple pull of the electric gearshift on the drive mode.
Pantalla táctil de 12,3
Cambio de marchas electrónico
Pulsador de arranque