All New

Morris Garages (MG) ZS EV

With 0 emissions: the technology and style you are looking for.

Highly efficient electric motor

The highly efficient electric motor and dedicated calibration of the driving modes make the MG ZS EV a dynamic urban SUV.
All New
Morris Garages (MG) ZS EV
We’ve updated our best-selling model to bring you the all-new MG ZS EV: a comfortable, intelligent, 100% electric, family-friendly SUV. Featuring a new design and longer range, and without compromising on practicality or style, the all-new MG ZS EV is perfect for urban driving and weekend travel. With a choice of two batteries, the all-new MG ZS EV is ready for your next urban adventure.
  • WLTP Range
  • Connectivity *
    MG iSMART.
  • Driver Assistance
    MG Pilot
  • From 0-50km/h
* The availability of colors, equipment and versions may vary depending on the country or region. Information and photographs subject to change without notice. Rights Reserved STAR MOTORS N.V.
Intelligent expression
The all-new MG ZS EV with its intelligent electric design, takes your everyday compact SUV to the next level.

Intelligent electric design
Urban SUV

Intelligent electric design
Grille-less front face

Safe travels
MG always ensures safety as its top priority, whether it’s the body structure or the battery pack, along with MG Pilot and other safety measures.
Interior Design
Feel at home
The all-new MG ZS EV offers a comfortable and bright interior.

Carbon fibre
Stylish dashboard

1.19 m²
Panoramic sunroof

Breathe Fresh
Air purification system

All new MG iSMART connectivity system

An intelligent network system that integrates car, Internet and user communication. Ready to connect to the future?